Wednesday, August 17, 2011

well. 39 weeks pregnant!!!!
what is going on!!!!!
I'm officially ready to have this baby....
ready to start our next chapter....
we definitely watch to much "baby story".. every time i take a deep breath Ava runs over to me yelling...
"baby come????!!!""
she instructs the belly as to where the "door" for the baby is..and rubs & rubs the belly trying to get her to come "out for a walk"....

Faith is risking what is
for what is yet to be.

It is taking small steps
knowing they lead to bigger ones.

Faith is holding on when you want to let go.
It is letting go when you want to hold on.

Faith is hearing God’s yes
when everything else says no.

It is believing all things are possible
in the midst of impossibilities.

Faith is looking beyond what is
for what is yet to be.

It is seeing the Light in darkness,
the presence of God in all.

~ Ellen M. Cuomo © 1997©2007©2011

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