Wednesday, February 29, 2012

calling my name

" mama! someones calling me name!"
says Ava..hand to ear....× 100 while I tell her no ones calling her name...

" yes mama..Jesus is calling me.he says  Avvvaaaa..."

Jesus is calling you? tell Him your listening!

" listenin..." hand to ear

what does he say to you Ava?

and Ava sweetly points to her heart and says.

" Jesus tell Ava not mama ...silly."

Thursday, February 23, 2012


never want to forget how

you feel tucked asleep in my arms.

your sweet smell.

soft hand holding mine so tight.

your pursed lips as you stretch.

your my gift.
God heard my prayers. gave me you.
my peaceful victory light up my life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


o my sweet babies..always growing and changing and delighting daddy and I. we see you with such wonder and joy!

Ava West:
31 months! 31 lbs & 35 inches tall!
sleeping 7-5:30am...
favorite foods: eggs.bacon. freeze pops. rice milk & chocolate almond milk.
loves to: read books ( you know so many by heart! ) snuggle with Ella. color with Jackboy. spin and twirl and run and crash. push ur baby stroller all around house. loves cinderella. always wants to dance now? 
loves fiercely. big helper . problem solver. full of wonder. my bluebird.

Jack Sullivan:
19 months. 24 lbs & 31 inches tall!
sleeps 6pm- 6am....loves to go night night.. gives great kisses and sweet hugs. 
favorite foods: everything!!! sweet potatoes and 3 bean chili! chocolate almond milk
loves to: read books.. stand on the couch .. climb up up upppp..brush teeth and play air guitar.. cars. 
has a sweet and sensitive spirit to the things of God.. a worshipper. my joyful jack.

Ella Victory:
5 months. 23 lbs & 29 inches long..( watch out jack)

good sleeper..good eater.. inquisitive...happy.. quickest smile.. such a snuggle bug...rolls from 
back to tummy.. reaches for everything.. just got a tooth!!! loves to watch her brother and sister dance.. laughs and talks up a storm... knows her mama... my gift of peace.. my little firefly.

gave Ava some newborn size diapers...for her babydoll....she looked at her tummy and said.."mamma I don't have a baby yet!?!"....

Thursday, February 16, 2012


tonight my Ava & I watched Disneys Cinderella ....o the wonder! such excitement from my little bluebird.. the second the intro music started.. watching with eyes wide.. every now and then looking at me or squeezing my hand...saying - oo fun mama!
lots of laughing. and hugging from happy ava.

when the stepsisters were tearing cinderellas dress.. i looked at my girl and she had tears running down her face... i quickly hugged her and said oo no ava.. wait and see ! her fairy godmother is coming!!!..

 ava sighed... and as the sparkle of cinderellas fairy godmother appeared on the screen.. 
my sweetly fierce.. sensitive ava.. squeezed me and whispered.. 
"thank you Jesus for fairy godmothers..."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

coffee & Jesus

sitting in my chair this morning ..with my mug..& my Bible.praying..

Ava asked me..what cha doing mama?  o I'm talking to Jesus Ava..

"silly Jesus..he's invisible "...while looking around with her beautiful baby blues...

silly Ava..I see Jesus everyday...