Sunday, June 22, 2014


Ava west is 5!
dear Ava-
you are a gem. A sparkling many faceted beautiful gem. I tell you this a hundred times a day! Mostly because its true and also because I never want to you think otherwise. Today my little bluebird, you are 5 years old!
You love to create, spending hours on the floor drawing intricate drawings about our day - “movies” in your brain, things you love.. you can write mommy daddy ava jack ella leah gigi pop Jesus and I love you from memory. Every piece you create has your name on it multiple times... you have a sweet spirit but it comes with a fierceness that I admire and pray will serve you well and not against you .
You love to talk about our day and use the greatest facial expressions. I wish I could capture you and save it forever- I hope I never forget. You love to wear dresses ( always with shorts underneath! ) you wear headbands everyday and love to dance and sing. And jump and bounce! We often find you under the couch or behind pillows or in some tight space- thats your favorite!
You have just started asking questions about your “engine” compared to the other kids...and I am quick to remind you of your strengths and and together we list the things that are special about you ava! When you get overwhelmed or in sensory overload – we recite the fruits of the spirit together in a soft cadence. And you often ask me to pray for you to have “more jesus”. You have a very unusual and perceptive view of right and wrong and are sensitive to the spirit realm- tv shows / music/ places/ will sometimes have a “yucky taste” and you beg to turn it off or leave. ( most of the time its due to dark magic or other things pertaining to the supernatural ) you lay hands on your brother and sister and pray ( like I do ) for the Blood of Jesus to cover then from the top of their head to the tip of their toes...
you bless me everyday. When you grow up you want to be a “famous artist.. since im already a regular artist”....and a mommy and you want to live with daddy & I forever. And I tell you – you can!!
the ocean is part of your love language and when I watch you in the waves – I feel like im seeing your truest self. So wild and free and beautiful- no anxiety – no fears- no loud noises or unexpected touch – just the strong safe sound and feel of the waves crashing.. comfortably, predictably, over and over and over.....
just like you see design in everything sweet ava – I pray every day that you will learn to follow Gods perfect design for your life, for all of your days.
You made me a mommy, and you sharpen me everyday.. you are my tangible miracle, god heard me and blessed me with you.

oh my baby blue- from the top of your head to the tips of your toes , Ava West I love you !!!!
happy 5!
lalallalalove you!

Love mommy