Saturday, August 13, 2011

thirty eight weeks and three days pregnant...
totally full term.
just about  5 cm dilated. 100% effaced.
baby locked & loaded.
mama sleepy and ready to go.
feeling so tired and emotionally drained this morning.
starting to freak out about the idea of 3 little ones under 2 years old!

but my sandman reminded  count all of this JOY...

so today i will..
count it joy when i tell ava for the one hundreth time to be gentle with jack..
and i will count it joy as i stumble over another piece of mr potato heads face..
and as jacks sweet face looks up at me in a fresh smile (while dumping out his snack) i will count it joy...when ava slips her slightly sticky chubby baby soft hand in mine  i will count it joy...
while listening to ava and jack sweetly sing a version of jesus loves's..twinkle twinkle little star.. i will smilt with joy....and after lots of hugs and kisses...and after  naptime  has begun....after i peek in at my babies lovely faces and finally sit down to feel kicks and rolls and bumps from the bellybabydoll..
i will sigh and count it all , every bit of it...JOY.


SheriLynn Alcala said...

Love it! :) Your an incredible mama and you have 3 blessed kidos! I am praying little baby doll comes soon for you xoxox

the owl said...

thanks sherilynn!
can you believe we will both have little girls in our arms sometime in the next 2 wks or so?? (hopefully tonight ....!!)