Tuesday, May 31, 2011


just had a fabulous little phone conversation with my avalla...
it consisted o fme singing every little song i know and her saying.."mama?....mama?"
 gigi said she was leaning on the coffee table.."chatting' then moved over to the playmats
 and lounged on the pile of pillows...
 im thinking it warmed her heart as much as mine just to hear each others voices...

50 days

50 days until our little belly baby is 35 weeks gestation...a huge milestone ( the docs are sceptical she will hold out this long..but I BELIEVE) ...

..and will be old enough to meet the world...

( but i will certainly not complain if she decides to hang out for 5 more wks!!)


the 25th even number is 50

there are 50 books in the Old Testament

the 50th word in the KJ version of the Bible is "light"

the 50 day of the year is feb 19th

the moon is 50 times smaller than earth

50 is the score in the center of a dartboard

1200 hours. 72000 minutes. 4320000 seconds

50 days from now my heart will beat easier and my mind will rest.

50 days to the biggest goal of my life.

cmon babydoll... you can grow in there for 50 silly more days....

Monday, May 30, 2011


today GiGi brought Jack for a visit....

hes grown in the last few days!!

and cut his 3rd tooth!!

my boy is so big and bright eyed and completly wonderful..

it was like medicine just to hold his warm soft body and watch his face light up at my voice...

he s so curious about everything.

o love. baby love.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

so....dec 10 found me eating copious amounts of bacon and eggs....and sour candies...i should've known.....sure enough....super surprise of a lifetime...
PG with baby blessing #3!

this pregnancy has been eventful from the start...cramping...bleeding...tons of scares...but since the day i heard the beautiful sound of this little ones heartbeat..i have been flooded with peace..(with a few momentary freakouts mixed in...:)

at 15 wks i was put on partial bedrest due to shortening cervix...
*not an easytask with a 20 month old & a 8 month old...*

and now at 27 wks...im on hospital bedres
t for the duration...(at least 5 more wks...)
my days are long...my husband and my parents are amazing...my sweet babies resilient...my bellybaby 2lbs..growing...bouncing...my heart...peaceful(mostly)

God can.
wonders to be marveled.
last night whileing in the worst bed..trying to sleep amidst all kinds of hospital noise...beeping..shuffling..then i heard it!

a beautiful pure baby cry....then a sweet tearful mamas laugh...and a little lullaby played over the speakers...a new life.

and suddenly i could sleep....
dreaming of my sandmans warm strong arms around me ..
and sweet avas sweaty curls rubbing my cheek..and jacks chubby little feet happily resting on me....
sleep sound belly baby...u have a beautiful mornings in your furture.


Friday, May 27, 2011

well..its been a year since my last post...and what a crazy wonderful year!!!

last may i was 6 months pregnant..and this may.....yup! 6 months pregnant!! i know...i know...just saying God has a big plan!

jack sullivan was born july 20 2010..and is a beautiful sweet sensitive little guy curious about everything!

ava west is almost 2..and just about the most precious girl...a comedian! full of joy!

baby girl is due aug 24..but is giving me trouble!

day 3 of hospital bedrest started for me today...ill fill in later...like i said...
won derful...