Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Ella
I love you my sweet victory girl.
I love the way you squish up your face when you smile.
The way you open your eyes wide and pretend your talking to me about whatever you've got in your chubby hand.
Your sweet lip kisses. Complete with a mmmppmm sound.
The way you are so proud of yourself. Your amazing dance moves.

Your curious and wonderful.
We are a team you and I... Love love love you.

- mama

Monday, October 22, 2012


just heard sad news that my dads longtime friend passed away after a long illness... and my heart sank for my parents grief and for this godly mans family.. 

and i was struck by how this man that i ve never met changed my life through his faithfullness to his Saviour.. 

see, many many years ago...Lenny shared Jesus with my parents.. and because of that day when he looked into my pops face and said " Ricky you need Jesus..." 

i had that privilege of growing up with parents that taught me about Jesus Christ... and my children have a family that serves the Lord... 

rest in peace lenny stadler.. thank you for your gift of influence for my family. 

you changed our lives with your words of love

Monday, October 15, 2012


Was pouring honey over some oatmeal this am ... and jack walked over holding up his spoon asking for some...

I asked him whats it was called and he thought and thought... Then replied.. "It's delicious mama! "

He got some on his spoon and very carefully walked back to his chair at the table before licking and savoribg his spoonful of delicious.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


ella victory
 my sweetest girl.

you are finally crawling! and scooting! and cruising every where!

you have the funniest little grin- and you often do things to be silly...  - you just light up our world..


oh dear sweet charming jackboy!

today you were soooo incredibly tired.. you didnt even know what to do ... i laid you in daddy & mommys bed and you buried under the covers and were quickly asleep.

daddy went to check on you 2 hrs later but the bed was empty!!!!! looked all around for you - calling your name.. no jack!!!

then we heard your little voice singing " no sweeter name than the name of Jesus" and found you sitting in the laundry hamper in the closet.. playing air guitar and singing.

too wonderful.

ava said...

mama: this house is a pit! ( messy)
ava: yeahhhh.. an arm pit.....

mama: jack you are a nut!
ava: yeahhhhh.. a nutcracker!


mama: ava whats going on? ( A laying on the floor rolling around...)
ava: oh im just havng a monster kinda day..
mama: a monster day???
ava: yeah - when everything is just soppy and foppy ( avas words for yucky..) and  ~ monsterish~

a few minutes later..

ava: mama?  guess what? i wasnt having a monster day today.. i was just having a poop day.. and i just got rid of it!!


mama: hey ava what did you think about church today?
ava: i think church to day was ok. why is the singing so short? such a baby bit of worshipping jesus... mama ( i was leading worship...)- you better try harder next time to worship Jesus for longer. Jesus is king of the world you know. you better make him happy.


ava: my favorite thing in the whole wide earth is eating dinner.

Lahyme is lahame

Lyme flare up. Been 2 weeks now...