Friday, May 21, 2010

so my little blue bird is 11 months old! and my bellybaby is 28 weeks..
i cant believe my life!
ava is such a sweetie. her favorite things are walking holding on to me of coourse! and stopping at whatever catches her eye.. then up to explore some more.. when we sit together - if i laugh .. she tilts her head.. then laughs back.. the game can go on forever.. so fun. its so funny.. before becoming a mommy - i couldnt imagine.. now.. i barely remember my life before i was dans wife and avas mommy.. such love!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Samuel 2
1 Then Hannah prayed. She said, "The Lord has filled my heart with joy.
He has made me strong.
I can laugh at my enemies.
I'm so glad he saved me.
2 "There isn't anyone holy like the Lord.
There isn't anyone except him.
There isn't any Rock like our God.
3 "Don't keep talking so proudly.
Don't let your mouth say such proud things.
The Lord is a God who knows everything.
He judges everything people do.
4 "The bows of great heroes are broken.
But those who trip and fall are made strong.
5 Those who used to be full have to work for food.
But those who used to be hungry aren't hungry anymore.
The woman who couldn't have children has seven of them now.
But the woman who has had many children is sad now because hers have died.
6 "The Lord causes people to die.
He also gives people life.
He brings people down to the grave.
He also brings people up.
7 The Lord makes people poor.
He also makes people rich.
He brings people down.
He also lifts people up.
8 He raises poor people up from the trash pile.
He lifts needy people out of the ashes.
He lets them sit with princes.
He gives them places of honor.
"The foundations of the earth belong to the Lord.
On them he has set the world.
9 He guards the paths of those who are faithful to him.
But evil people will lie silent in their dark graves.
"People don't win just because they are strong.
10 Those who oppose the Lord will be totally destroyed.
He will thunder against them from heaven.
He will judge the earth from one end to the other.
"He will give power to his king.
He will give honor to his anointed one."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

so my little bluebird does not sleep.
she falls asleep.. goes easily into her crib ..
then something happens.. she realizes mommys not in the crib.
so she wakes.. and screams.
all night every hour or so.
daddy sleeps through it. me and my big belly do not. sigh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

beautiful day with my beautiful girls

Friday, April 16, 2010

o the adventures of avalla.....

yesterday we went to the doctors and ava had a tramatic expierence while they were trying to collect a urine in my hurry to scoop her up and comfort her i slapped the diaper on her and got our stuff together... not bothering put her little undies on that match her dress.. anyway -

here we are trucking down the long corrider from the doctors office to the hospital lab..

my big belly...ava on my hip.. my very stylish but oversized (fabulous) diaper bag.. a urine sample and a half eaten luna bar in my hand....singing to cheer up my poor little bluebird...

when a lady stops us and says quietly.. " i think your leaving a trail...."

i look behind me and to my horror i see a trail all right..

5 or 6 little tiny ava size poops.....

her diaper was off and her bare bottom was hanging over my arm...

o the joys of motherhood...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I can’t hold my sweet little bluebird baby and not feel God. In her chubby little fingers pressed into my skin, her sweet milk scented breath against my neck…She’s everything true and just. The definition of a blessing in its purest form.
I am filled with gratitude for all the ways my God has worked in my life – but today - most specifically for this magical, warm little person that is asleep across my chest at this very moment.
God is so very good and I’m holding proof.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


things i am immensely proud of......


making my own baby food.

being pregnant again and still managing dinner 5 nights a week.

shamelessly eating burger king daily.

teaching ava to slap her leg and throw her head back while she laughs.

wearing ava as much as possible even though she weighs in at 23 lbs.

being dairyfree for 9 months and counting.


my very own definition of SUCCESS.....

Success is making dinner while holding a squirming,reaching, kissing, drooling, singing 9 month old.

Success is getting out of the house dressed.

Success is remembering where you left your cell phone.

Success is finding time to take a shower & actually using it to take a shower.

Success is slapping your leg laughing at loud with your 9 month old when you realize you locked your keys in the house again.

Success is getting the laundry from the bedroom floor to the kitchen floor one day, from the kitchen floor to the laundry room the next- in the washing maching that night & the dryer in the morning...folding optional.

its the little things.


so im going to try really hard to blog. as in weekly.
heres an update on my life..
ava is 9 1/2 months old.
im a week into being 30 years old.
and 21 weeks pregnant with a beautiful bouncing baby boy.
teething is not a fun time. but avas litle pearly white is very cute!
nor is trying to sleep pregnant on you big fat belly knowing your little one is going to cry for you any minute.. any minute.. "mamamamamamaaaa".
my sandman still sends me...
waiting for him to come home now and kiss me happy.