Wednesday, December 19, 2012

they say

~Ava just said she wished she had s sleep time game with bathtubs and beds and you can match them... But you get more points if you get a tub and a bed cause it means your clean and sweet. Yeah can you buy me that game mommy?

~Ava and Ella were eating at table and I turned on extra Christmas twinkle lights and Ava sighed and said ohhhhh ellla this is Sooo ssoooo soo Married!!

What Ava??

You know mommy ( singsong sweet voice) soooooo married and mommys and daddy's loving and kissing and lights on and MARRIED.

o! ...Romantic.......

~Ava: I need more salt on here cause my teeth are getting bored.

~Ava after gulping an extra big mouthful of milk.. " wow - that went right down the drain...." her finger following that path from ther mouth - down her throat - to her tummy...

~ Jacks new things to say are:
 thats not nice!
oh gosh....oh gosh...
not fair mommy...

hes obviously  a disgruntled 2 yr old...

o and when hes doing something fresh.. he looks up at you and says with a grin..
" nothinnnnnnn" nothinnnnnnn mommy.."

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Sitting with Ava eating some homemade chicken soup for lunch.. Getting lost in my heartache for the families in newton ct. Dazing off sort of wallowing when I hear Ava's content little sigh ... she looks up at me and says "its a beautiful day in this room mommy"
.... Yep it is....

savoring every single moment. thankful.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ava after bath: me so fresh and me hands are so soft and fluffy

Ava says:
Cinderella has a fairy godmother but we have GiGi AND Papa Bear!

Ava seeing a commercial for the voice... Points to Adam Levine and says " he's kinda pretty mama!!"