Saturday, June 30, 2012


I need to blog about:

How jacks new deal is sticking out his tongue ...gross.. Fresh.. Cute.

How Dan bought a motorcycle

Ella's new skills

Ava's 3 rd birthday

How she calls her new bike her motorcycle and when she can't quite peddl she said this motorcycle needs gas!!!

Leah's visit and how long her legs are and how fast 8 years goes...

About how we sing and dance and play air guitar.. Drums...violin to I happy day you washed my sings away. 100 times a day

Bout how Ava always says that's why I'm a big girl.,,and " why you do that sometimes mama"

Bout how jack runs up and says want to hug you mama!!

Bout his much my babies love and laugh and fill up my heart

Dan said it last night. Our quiver is full and it feels good.

Friday, June 15, 2012

took my cowboy jack to the end doc today ..finally....8 ear infections in 7 months!!!! poor little man.. we had the best time together despite his constant pulling on his ears saying
ouchie mama..jesus heal please?

during the hearing test he kept saying 'so scary mama so so scary mama.. need daddy come fix it mama.. so scary...' so sweet

he just loves pop these days especially. pop and his g-tar..

I'm thinking ( and praying) that my jack will be a music man for sure... a catchy commercial will stop him in his tracks....any singing gives him cause to bust out his little air g-tar.....and his favorite game is deciding who plays what imaginary instrument... ava drums.. mama...violin... ella do re mi (piano)..."me jack..gtar!!"
songs of the moment 'o happy day you washed my sin away" (kim walker) and jack can be found alone rocking back and forth singing " no sweeter name than the name of jesus" (kari jobs)

watched him fall asleep in the car after a long doc visit . and am just marveling at his perfect lashes and his sweet lips and his amazing heart.