Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ava & jack...sweet love

ava is just in love with the babybelly..she rubbs it and kisses her "bebee"
she pretends to change the bellys diapers and never forgets to feed the belly baby..through my belly button of course! she loves to say "wow" over anything that strikes her fancy..especially bellybaby movement....
nothing is quite as sweet as avas little hands snuggling the belly as she sings her baby a song...
lets hope the love lasts once the little arrives!

jack is 13 months old now and so curious! he has a quick smile that just melts your heart and the longest eyelashes.... the other day he spent twentyu minutes slowly and watchfully following an ant ( yes we have to ocasional ant...) as it traveled from our kitchen all the way through the living room...once the little ant disappeared into a crack.. jack looked up at me and clapped and exclaimed!!
such a precious boy.

we have a huge and beautiful garden in our back yard.. zuccini and corn and tomatos..basil - mint thyme and rosmary! yellow squash ..eggplant ..cabbage.. a goldmine!!!
ava and jack love to visit the garden with papa bear or daddy...
and i love when the come back smelling of sunshine, dirt and love.

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