Saturday, August 6, 2011

last night my beautiful fiesty grama Luisa Petti Quinn went to be with Jesus. she was 96 yrs heart is happy knowing she is rejoicing with her saviour but my heart is also abit flip floppy this morning as im laying in bed...9 months pregnant ..ready to give birth any day....whn i think about my gram, the first memory that pops in my head is from  when i was maybe 9? and grama luisa took me to get our nails first time!! so exciting..then we walked around rye,ny letting them dry before getting lunch in a fancy chinese resturant....i remeber the tablecloths looked so clean and white and our food came in silver platters with tops! grama told me stories about "real chinese "food that she used to get in the city....such an exciting day. such a wonderful memory. love you grams.

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