Monday, April 29, 2013

oh love

last night ava  & jack spent a lonngg time hugging and kissing goodnight.. 
( an attempt to delay??) 
its was the sweetest time though.. so we let them kiss and snuggle alittle extra..... 
finally.. after bedtime prayers (again..)  
ava blew jack  a kiss and said
"good night sweet boy see you in the morning light!!!" 
my heart.. i cant take it.... im so pleased that in spite of my shortcomings...
 our home is filled with joy and love. 

Ava - 3 1/3:
loves to be the boss (weird.)
is extremely sensitive to any little change in my voice. 
has a pile of toys but seems to only ever play with pillows & blankets, crayons & paper..
& imagination!
she has her own imaginary house filled with friends and toy and all sorts of wonderful things....
we often play imaginary board games. 
loves to feel the wind and sing her own songs
ava knows the story of her birth and how God told spoke to me and called her a fierce warrior... 
and she prays.. and asks the Lord to make her strong- to help her hear His voice...
{humbly and awesome}
this past sunday -she asked me to go to the altar with her - so we did and she prayed for her little boo boos and for her family and then she prayed that Pop ( pastor grampa!) 
would" hear the holy spirit and that the church would listen to his words with both ears...."
said amen and danced back to her seat. 
i feel so incredibly thankful that the Lord in trusted this gem to me.

Jack 2 1/2:
knows what he wants and usually gets it!!!
uses his blue eyes to his advantage... im scared .
favorite thing is to snuggle on the couch ad watch "something good"
usually veggie tales.
has an incredible eye for detail...notices when any one is wearing something new.
if i wear lipstick he says over and over how beautiful my lips are. <3 p="">
wants to be just like daddy.. always trying to fix something.
is sensitive to the things of God.. since palm sunday has daily talked about Jesus on the cross
( in a very sad and worried voice) 
is just now being to understand that Jesus died for him... and is Alive in heaven.
newest interest- ANTS! will chase them around for hours and then will sit and make up a story of their life.... ( thanks to pop and his anthony the ant stories..)
loves to worship and give kisses and hugs. 
defender of the faith! 

Ella- 1 1/2:
oh little firefly
loves to get into everything! has a strong personality! 
loves to help me make coffee in the morning and will blow on it through out.. 
take great pleasure in tormenting jack by putting her little feet on him
loves to hug and kiss and say AWWWW
still nurses 4 or 5 times a day and i dont mind a bit
walks around like an old lady stomping.. then looks back and smiles mischievously 
loves to say uh oh. is really the funniest little girl ever.
and if allowed will run out the front door and march right on over to gigi and pops house...
understands everything i say and is my bright spot for sure.
God calls her a warrior of peace. 
cant wait to learn what that means for her...

all 3 littles love to be bare foot just like mama! and would roll around in the grass all day...
in fact- thats the plan today! 
born to be wild! wild & precious.
wild & precious & free.

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