Tuesday, April 23, 2013

so its been a few weeks....heres some highlights:

- i turned 33! and I'm loving it. i feel happy and confident and beautiful and blessed and ready for whats next. ( totally opposite of how i felt at 23!)

- tattoo!!! the sandman surprised me and took me to get a tattoo for my birthday! i got an arrow on my wrist to remind me of the miracles God has given me.. in the arrow is a circle for leah - a heart for ava - a square for jack and a diamond for my bright spot ella.   the psalm says- children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior... and i want to be reminded to shape my blessing well- so they fly!!
loving it.

- cowboy jack woke up and decided to wear undies and pee on the little potty! and its been a month and counting!! very few accidents.. no more diapers!! holla!

daily the Lord has been pulling me towards him - and as i let my guarded heart open - man - God is doing amazing things... speaking to me of the plans He has for me and my family.. reminding me of the promises Hes already whispered in my ear.. my rescued - salvaged - mended heart sings and rejoices in the redemptive power of Jesus! there is power in His name!

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