Tuesday, April 23, 2013

just little things

ava and i arrived early for speech.. So we sat in the van and discussed why mommys hair is growing do slow and whether or not we should cut it ( ??? ahhhhhh!) and why nail polish chips and looks " gross- arific" .. It was insightful.

Was trying to answer Ava's questions about why Jesus went on the cross for us....
and Ava went cross eyed & said 
"that makes my brain wiggly. Tell me that again when me 4 or 7.."

Ava: jack you are a boy cause Jesus decided that you are a boy. And no one can change Jesus' mind. He's the boss. So sorry- you are a boy.

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The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

Those quotes are hilarious. Oh, my goodness! They're really bright.