Tuesday, May 7, 2013

defender of the faith

before Jack was born - the Lord heard my heart and gave me a picture for my son. He called him a "defender of the faith" and said all my children have the word "change' written on their foreheads. 
this word was confirmed 3 times! by 3 different unconnected men of God. 

i pray these words over jack every day - He knows what God calls him....

today after dropping ava off at school - jack and ella and i went on a little starbucks date...  while we were sitting there- a nicely dressed friendly man gave us lots of attention.. as we were leaving... i was holding ella and jacks shoe slipped off.. the nice man- knealt down and helped put his shoe on! while the man was eye level with jack -jack looked right at him and said.." you know, we all broke Jesus' heart.... yeah we did.. we broke his heart ... but you know what guy??? Jesus' heart is happy now! Hes alive in heaven and Hes waiting for us!!" (i had to translate alittle bit) and this man.. had tears in his eyes- and said he needed to write that down.. he grew up in the church but it had been a long time since he remembered that Jesus was waiting for him...even said he almost didnt stop for coffee today! Gods appointment...

i hugged jack when we got to the car and said how proud i was of him for sharing about jesus and my precious boy just looked at me and said "?  why mommy - what me do? me just telling the guy that jesus loved him thats all. did me make you happy?"

my defender of the faith. jack sullivan johnson. 2 1/2 years old.

**ever since easter time- jack has been soo sensitive to Jesus on the cross... and the phrase " we broke Jesus' heart" is something he came up with on this own after our multiple attempts to explain his sadness over the crucifixion..."

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The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

Oh, my. Tears in my eyes. That is just beautiful.