Wednesday, March 20, 2013


dear victory girl-
 you are 18 months old! and such a joy.
you are walking and almost running! you love to dance and bend down to do yoga... if you hear the word exercise you start to reach for the sky and touch your toes!!!
you weigh 23 lbs.. and are 33 inches tall!
favorite foods: eggs.. applesauce..oatmeal.. toast! potatoes..white and sweet!
love to read books and pretend to read out loud in your little jabber...
words most often used:
 mamaaa, dadneee, vava, jaaa, gigi, papa, more, cracker, hi, , uh oh ( with beautiful pursed lips) baby, apple, thankyou, hereyougo, thereitisss, bue, car, vrooom, show, ummm( milk) & love you!
 - you love to walk up to people and hold our your arms and say AWWWWWW.. your cue to be hugged.

favorite games are - stacking stuff....peek a boo, baby, tea party, and putting your rain boots on and off on and off on and off..
if you see me putting lipstick on - you run to get your shoes.. thinking its a signal that we are going out.

you are turning out to be a fresh girl!!! love to torture jack .. putting your little toes on him and laughing a big ol belly laugh when he gets upset....

ella, you are wise beyond your years and very observant...quick to fold your hands and pray.. quick to go grab the broom if something spills, compassionate to crys and boos... quick to comfort.

my prayer for you these days is that your determination will always be  strength for you not a hindrance.. that your spirit will cling to peace.
 love you ella victory. my gift.

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