Wednesday, February 6, 2013


sang a new song during worship this sunday.. "God my Rock" {paul beloche}...some of the lyrics say 
'when my heart is overwhelmed i will look to you alone God my rock... you strenthgen my heart.. you are the joy of my life.. my song in the night.. in the blessing and in the pain throughit all you still strenghten my heart. god my rock god my rock god my rock...'

have so much swirling in my spirit this morning...
 could weigh me down hardcore but this song is on repeat in my head... 
strengthening my heart bigtime. 

saying "I trust you Jesus" just slips out of my mouth but is alittle more stubborn as it leaves my spirit.. why is it so hard to trust a God who never fails? 
why am i such a silly girl doubting his perfect plan? 

feeling lonely but not alone today.
-yet everytime i say it - i can feel my spirit grow more sure..
 'Jesus i trust in you .. i trust in you .. i trust in you.... 

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