Friday, February 8, 2013


i have a restless spirit.
my soul has found rest in our mighty God but my spirit?... 
my spirit is restless... 
restless for wind and rain and crashing waves...wanting to go explore.. to discover....

i crave the ocean. its as if my body belongs there.. the ebb and flow of the water.. the crashing of the waves.. the calm before a storm .. the salt, the air and mist- the sand. 

i need it. i connect to it. its a part of me... 

and in the same way my spirit is  restless for the flooding of the Holy Spirit. 
for the ebb and flow of the Voice of the Lord.. for the waves and the calm.. 
 the ocean will never satisfy.. 
 but the Spirit can- i will long always for more... 

nothing else will do.

we are getting ready for a big ol' blizzard .. 30+ inches!!! 
plans include.. coffee... cupcakes....valentines crafts.. and veggie tales...


A: sometimes me don't sometimes me did. Depends on if its.. Thursday or not.

J: hey sisters.. Mommy made sausage for me cause me her little boy, And chicken for you cause you are girls and you have feathers.

 "oh mommy..oh no.. me turned this on ( holding my watch ..) why me do that? why me touch your beautiful watch mommy? me not want to cause you wont like it but my hands are just going crazy touching it...'

Ella is my peaceful spot. She gets me.

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