Monday, February 4, 2013

dont forget

Ava wanting to have our usual before dinner  dance party in the kitchen. but first!!! carefully .. and i mean carefully applied pretend Lipstick to our lips... then pronounced us ready to dance...

Jack was in time out for pushing Ava.. & Ava comforted him by crooning.. "avas here.. avas here.. i forgive you avas here..mommys so fresh mommys so fresh time out is almost over...(repeat)...."

Ava announcd one night tht she wanted to go to a dinosour museum... 
then quickly
 ( in the same breath) said 
"i changed my mind about seeing Dinosours mommy... And i don't want to talk about it....And I'm  not giving up. ..Where'd me learn that?? ...Weird..."

Ava: after hearing my sigh.. said " i know how you feel mommy.. i have alot of kids too...."

Ava: "where are you going to milk Ella mommy? im trying to get a good seat"

"Me love your squishy soft boobs mommy,  me love touching two boobs cause mostly they used to be mine."

Jack upon me waking him for doc.. "So rude mommy. I don't understand you."

Ava: "jack sure does love tubas" after jack asked to watch veggie tales episode gideon and the tuba army for the 100 time....

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