Thursday, September 1, 2011

dear babies

dear Ella Victory,
you are 1 week old.
tonight I swaddled you tight and nursed you till your beautiful eyes closed...then I snuggled you against my shoulder..your sweet cheek against mine...and my heart flooded.
what a gift you gift of peace..God is so faithful...He gave me you!
my sweet, strong Ella Victory what a journey we've had together & I..and its only the beginning! I love you.

dear Ava West,
you are 2 yrs & 2 months old.
tonight we read so many goodnight books together...after each book your little arm would sneak around neck and our own secret. my miracle baby..such a big girl..I loved reading with you tonight but I especially loved your squeezes and your sweet smell and your tight goodnight hug and kiss...& I love that when you walk with daddy to go upstairs to bed you always stop at door to send me one last kiss. my bluebird. my gift. i love you!

dear Jack Sullivan,
o my beautiful boy. you are 1 yr & 1 month old.
tonight we played peekaboo 100 times. we read books. and we laughed together..I can't get the sound of your joyful laugh out of my head or my heart. my gift of joy.
I sang you a lullaby tonight..then you sang me one. such sweet love. I didn't want to lay you down ..your growing so little bear cub so curious and so cuddly. 
I. love you.

dear babies,
love doesn't begin to cover how I beautiful precious gifts from my heavenly father which heard my heart ...I love you. I love you. I love you.

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