Wednesday, June 1, 2011

to cherish

things i cherish

ava tilting her face sideways saying 'mama"? then pointing to her heart. and nodding when i say mama loves ava....
jacks hands exploring every nook and cranny in every toy..floorboard..wall crevis
making my morning coffee with ava on the counter ready to stir it all up herself.. rubbing her tummy.."ummm" when i take the 1st sip
dans silent i love yous acrosss the room.
jacks shy head tilt..followed by a big smile
thebellybaby bouncing and rolling as if to tell me ..its okay im still here
the way dan even in a hurry slows down when he kisses me
the way hugs seem to melt us in to one. me. belly.ava. dan. jack.
we fit. just right.

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