Monday, June 3, 2013

locked out

one of Jacks favorite things is making sure all the cabinet doors..bathroom. extra room doors are tightly shut... he calls it his job....

this morning - after a yucky naptime accident.. i ran a pretty especially gross trash bag to the bin.. the second i stepped on to the porch - jack slammed the screen- locked it! and slammed  & locked the front door.


talked to him through the window.. encouraged him to turn the doorknob and open the doors for mama- but my little Jack kept insisting- " I dont have a key!!" " but mommy- you never gave me a key!!!"

my mom ran over from next door ( and photo documented/..)  but neither of us had a spare screen door key.....

so finally-

got in.. opened the door... meanwhile- jack had another accident... and continued to insist innocence because

 " no one never ever gave me a key mommy!!!!!"

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