Thursday, May 31, 2012


Everything about you, my almost 3 yr old, seems so bright and beautiful. Your dark lashes and blue eyes.. Sweet sandy curls.. pOuty rosy lips. you are curled up against me, getting sleepy.. Telling me a story using words I didn't know you - Actually- and -brand new-.. and "to tall for words" your saying "pretty flowers make your heart tingle" and explaining to me how your 2 and a big big girl...

earlier today you excitedly and incredulously came up to me and said . ( pointing t your throat) 'Jesus put a new song right here mama.. for me... hear it now?' and sang the sweetest little melody.....i said oh ava its beautiful and you said 'yea.. jesus gave it to me...'

when I'm stressed out you lay your hands on m e and say a prayer for me to feel better....

what a bright beautiful amazing heart you have my bluebird.. your so lovable.

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