Sunday, March 18, 2012


ava seems to be growing every morning ..she looks just a little bit taller.. a little bit more like a "big girl" less like my baby!!!
somehow she got it into her sweet little head that everytime she -Sniffs- 
( in through her nose make a loud -sniffing - sound.... ) 
she grows......the greatest thing...
 so when i snuggle her and ask if shes growing.. 
i get a eyes wide open blue eyed stare and a wrinkled nose- sniffing-... so great.. soo soo great..

after jacks bath we snuggle on the couch wrapped in his towel ..sometimes have a quick snack then jambes.teeth..bed.. well the other night after snack.. i was getting his pjs on when i lifted his arms up and right in his little armpit was a teddy graham....lifted the other arm.. yup.. another one.. 
"me save din din mama!"

ella has the quickest smile.. and one of her favorite things is when daddy rubs her cheek with his rough beard.... she laughs and squeals! 
now, almost 7 months old.. when daddy picks her up she presses her fat little cheek right up against his. sweetness!

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