Saturday, March 17, 2012

ava west

dear ava blue, 

i know you hear things different than i do.. 
you process tactile.. audio..visual .. vestibular ..properception different then me..... things even taste different to you!

.. i know you are bombarded every day with sensations that confuse your smart little brain and disorganize you. i know that means you like to crash into pillows and spin and spin and spin...
 running is a relief for you and squeezes make every day better.

 so we can spin whenever you want.. and i will turn down the "noise" on the radio so we can dance to can wipe off my kisses and i won't feel bad... and if you want to wear your winter hat with the ear flaps into july .. its ok...

 i love you my sweet fierce happily chaotic gentle bluebird. my sensational girl.


 mama owl

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