Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Potty break

Well Ava.. After months of verbal preparation...( pretty soon.. No more dipes!)
You woke up.. Wanted undies on.. And we are on day 2 of no accidents!!

We've been learning that boys have a penis and girls have vaginas...

This am I was trimming your hair Ava, and you broke into real sad tears.. Why?

" because I don't want a penis mama.."

Don't worry Ava.... Your "' Ginna" is safe.. Haircuts are harmless.


bandofbrothers said...
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bandofbrothers said...

Yay Ava! She is too cute.

Congratulations! You won the Peruvian bracelet from my giveaway! Please email me your address at davirebecca{at}gmail(dot)com so we can send your prize!