Sunday, August 26, 2012

birthday girl

can't believe a wholel year has gone by! 
can believe it was only a year ago that i birthed you into this world with confidence and overwhelming peace. 

my sweet firefly,
this year has flown by.. filled with sleepless nights and crazy days.. 
 filled with snuggles and kisses and laughter.
and peace. deep down in my heart. underneath everything else.. peace.

ella you love to scoot around and peer around corners.. love to collect guys and put them in and out of containers.. love to hold ands and dance.....laugh at your sister and brother.. love to chatter on and on.. your right leg is always toe dancing... you nurse around the clock and only eat pretzels.. watermelon and maybe some pasta... 
love to be worn in the beco baby wrap... and sleep in our bed.
peek a boo is your favorite game. 

ella my peaceful warrior girl.. my our God bind your heart to his.... 
happy birthday ella victory.
xoxox mama

1 yr old...33 inches long.. 23 lbs!

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