Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Sunday!
spent the night before up with sick throwing up babies but everyone made it through the night ( thanks daddy) and by breakfast were feeling good!!!!

we made it to church and stayed for the entire service!!! i lead worship..
(He lives...Happy day...My chains are gone...Run..O how He loves.) 
always a blessing but even more so when i can see my little family all together worshipping.. ava slept on daddys lap for most of the interactive service but jack was very very interested in what pop was preaching about... at one point the drama team was depicted the fight between satan and Jesus and jack was asking me where "super why ' ( kids show) was??.. but when Jesus won.. jack cheered!!! the rest of the day he preached..: Jesus is the champion".. . 
Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy - Death has NO victory!

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