Monday, April 2, 2012


its my 32 nd birthday.

was woken up by my 2 sweet fellas...hearing Jack say happy birthday in the sweetest voice made my day! I've asked him to say it about two hundred. times. wonderful...then my bluebird sang to me...

 I got lots of baby hugs and sandman kisses.

fun gifts from my parents ( pedicure here i come!)
 and the most valuable gift of time so Dan and I could go on a lunchdate!!
1st one in at least a year....(true story)
went to not your average joes.. had cider mustard pork..held hands... deliciousness...

loved hearing my sweet babies say happy birthday mama
all day!!! 

loved smelling my beautiful dozen roses from dan! 
and my special single rose from my daddy
 ( which was hand delivered first thing in the morning with a starbucks double tall soy 1 pump mocha!!!) !

love love love my wonderful gift from my sandman.. 
frye campus 14l boots!!!! in dark brown!!!!
 I've been asking and wishing for this bad boys for yearssssss.....and he surprised me this year! 
and I'm determined not to feel guilty over the extravagance!!!
 thank you baby!
xoxxoxo ill wear them every single day. i will. 

hello ready for you....

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