Tuesday, November 22, 2011

dirty looks

so I rarely go anywhere withe all 3 babies alone these days..call me a wimp.
anyway I felt brave the other day and ventured out to target..alone..with Ava, Jack & Ella....quickly got what I needed..( toilet paper...diapers..and chapstick)...the little's were so good so I decided to reward us ( myself) with a soy dcafe peppermint mocha...

with hot deliciousness in my hand..ice water for Ava & Jack...all was well.

then something happened.( I pushed a good thing)
Ava melted down...screaming no no no totally freaking..then Jack started..no mama no mama..and not to be outdone Ella harmonized with a shrill naaanaaanaa...

let the looks begin..Everyone was staring.....Looking....as I was overheating ..frantically trying to put coats back on and get Ella back in carseat ..
a women begins giving Ava - looks-...and I'm getting hotter..she walks over and says..
" you know..your daughter.."

I interrupt with a fast sharp.." is only 2 1/2 .. and on the autism spectrum. I'm doing the best I can..."

and she finishes saying..." drinking your coffee..."
"your 2 1/2 yr old is drinking your coffee.."



jenamendola said...

i know you must've been ready to pull your hair out, but i still got a kick out of reading this... sorry!! :]

what a wonderful mama

The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

Children have a right to get cranky. No excuses necessary! :)