Wednesday, November 16, 2011

our afternoon ...

1. put screaming kids in van. close door...pause before getting behind wheel
2. coffee drivethru. don't forget ice water for Ava...
3. go back thru drivetgru to get ice water. order an extra shot to dump n already purchased. pretend u didn't just go thru
3 make sound egfects to every animal Noah brought on the Ark
4.sing theme song to little Einstein ..Super Why and Curious George.
5. take a moment to decide if ur impressed or concerned that you know all the words
settle on impressed
6. realize its only been 19 minutes...
7.go visit daddy at work
make him come carside
enjoy the sweet laughter that seeing daddy brings...steal a quick kiss
8. turn up lullaby CD in effort to drown out cries at leaving daddy...pray it will lull babies to sleep.
9. fight temptation to get another coffee.
10. accept the fact that its 2 pm..the kids are not going to nap..its raining out and you can't drive around till 5:30 bathtime.
11.  French fries.
12. get home. big babies get fries. little baby gets mamas milk. mama gets 12 minutes of happy silence....

which brings us to now....still 2 1/2 hours till bathtime...and the tired babies all want to be held....the van is looking good again.

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