Sunday, July 24, 2011

dear bluebird,
this morning is warm and hazy..we are snuggling as you drink your morningmilk...
your 2 yr old legs seem so long to me this morning! so creamy and white and spri kled with a few little toenails painted red...your little girl nightgown is a bit big and hanging off one shoulder ..o ava your pudgy arms are wrapped around my neck and your soft silky golden curls smell so sweet pressed against my cheek. your lashes are so dark against your cheek and your eyes so blue as you look into mine..silently asking me to sing again. every now and then you snuggle evn closer, throwing those long legs over me..and as i lay here..with my big little girl andmy little bellybabydoll inside me..i wish time could just slooow down..just a bit...i love you my sweet girl. 

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