Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jack is just about 2 1/2.. And he's just.. So sweet and so quick to kiss... And if his lips don't line up just right with yours he kisses again and again till its just right..

But my cowboy jack has a newly discovered temper...this boy is scrappy!
But when he uses his powers for good-
He loves to pretend he's "fireman" (Spider-Man) and act like superman... Loves to wear his cowboy hat and pretend to lasso the girls.

His best friend in the whole wide world is pop. And every nap ends with him in his crib just talking to his pop!

Jack loves his food. Loves to get his little snack cup and sit at his table. Or " watch a show and eat a snack .. On couch?! Yes good idea Jackboy!"

He says:
'Thank you, your welcome'
'Uh guys what are you doing guys?'
" cmere me want to show you sumpi'
Good morning mommy! Me think me will have some... Milk today....
This is tasty!

When Jackboy laughs he covers his mouth. To cute.
And frequently walks around with in hand in the pocket of his jeans.
Holds his hands while lounging.
Loves to snuggle right in.
Playing baseball with daddy is top of his list .
He's growing so fast.

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