Wednesday, December 19, 2012

they say

~Ava just said she wished she had s sleep time game with bathtubs and beds and you can match them... But you get more points if you get a tub and a bed cause it means your clean and sweet. Yeah can you buy me that game mommy?

~Ava and Ella were eating at table and I turned on extra Christmas twinkle lights and Ava sighed and said ohhhhh ellla this is Sooo ssoooo soo Married!!

What Ava??

You know mommy ( singsong sweet voice) soooooo married and mommys and daddy's loving and kissing and lights on and MARRIED.

o! ...Romantic.......

~Ava: I need more salt on here cause my teeth are getting bored.

~Ava after gulping an extra big mouthful of milk.. " wow - that went right down the drain...." her finger following that path from ther mouth - down her throat - to her tummy...

~ Jacks new things to say are:
 thats not nice!
oh gosh....oh gosh...
not fair mommy...

hes obviously  a disgruntled 2 yr old...

o and when hes doing something fresh.. he looks up at you and says with a grin..
" nothinnnnnnn" nothinnnnnnn mommy.."

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