Sunday, October 14, 2012

ava said...

mama: this house is a pit! ( messy)
ava: yeahhhh.. an arm pit.....

mama: jack you are a nut!
ava: yeahhhhh.. a nutcracker!


mama: ava whats going on? ( A laying on the floor rolling around...)
ava: oh im just havng a monster kinda day..
mama: a monster day???
ava: yeah - when everything is just soppy and foppy ( avas words for yucky..) and  ~ monsterish~

a few minutes later..

ava: mama?  guess what? i wasnt having a monster day today.. i was just having a poop day.. and i just got rid of it!!


mama: hey ava what did you think about church today?
ava: i think church to day was ok. why is the singing so short? such a baby bit of worshipping jesus... mama ( i was leading worship...)- you better try harder next time to worship Jesus for longer. Jesus is king of the world you know. you better make him happy.


ava: my favorite thing in the whole wide earth is eating dinner.

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