Thursday, February 16, 2012


tonight my Ava & I watched Disneys Cinderella ....o the wonder! such excitement from my little bluebird.. the second the intro music started.. watching with eyes wide.. every now and then looking at me or squeezing my hand...saying - oo fun mama!
lots of laughing. and hugging from happy ava.

when the stepsisters were tearing cinderellas dress.. i looked at my girl and she had tears running down her face... i quickly hugged her and said oo no ava.. wait and see ! her fairy godmother is coming!!!..

 ava sighed... and as the sparkle of cinderellas fairy godmother appeared on the screen.. 
my sweetly fierce.. sensitive ava.. squeezed me and whispered.. 
"thank you Jesus for fairy godmothers..."

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