Saturday, October 22, 2011

o lovely

o love:
the way Ava randomly stops playing to shout out Jack. baby Elle ..just to make sure they are around..and every night she says her prayers then says goodnight to the excited she gets over freeze pops and how she never forgets if I say she can have one after dinner...her obvious joy over the smallest thngs( "o wow")  her sense of wonder...
Jacks tight arms around my neck after his nap. the way he says 'me to me to'..whenever he sees food.
how observant he is and the long  he spends exploring his toys before playing..his sweet voice saying amen after prayers..and the smacking sound of his kisses...
Ella's big stretches. and curled up body next to me.the way she fits just right on my shoulder or lying on daddy's chest...the almost smile I see right around the corner..

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