Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Seahorse Inspires... to write ... so 1st blog=letter to Catherine...

dear Elle,
hello. so sad to hear about the sprint minutes. have lots to tell you . agree re: texting.
sprint+verizion+akwardness of the text=this blog letter to you.
remember when:
-we, barely knowing each other, sat together at jdolas hiphop awards...( as i stared at your magnificnt hair)

-we, barely knowing each other , "explored" the hill (while our husbands sat and ate) and ordered hot chocolates at dunkin donuts...and they didnt HAVE any.
-we playing house in the hill for 4 days. and cooking dinner and bear bread together. is ringing...hello thank you for calling New Life...
to be continued
~the Owl

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